Big Data Analytics Road Show - Your Mobile Test Center

Big Data? Just another magic word in IT?

Big Data is present in the media, in consulting presentations and referred  to by IT sellers everywhere. Yet, while everybody talks about it, only a few have tangible experience with it.

This project aims to change this. By bringing you Big Data and connecting it to the diverse aspects of business analytics, you get an exciting, capable technology that delivers results for business managers.

Big Data Business Analytics provides value for creative marketing managers, for the head of production, for the risk and compliance manager, for public relations for the CFO an other line of business managers. 

Do you have a business proposal that you are not able to realize because the quantity of data is just too big or it is technically too complex? If you do, then you should test IBM PureData for Analytics (Netezza) in a business analytics context, with your data - and with your creative ideas.
All you need is a tangible business case and a tantalizing data sample (with at least a few terabyte of data...).
Book your testing appointment now! We bring Big Data Business Analytics to your place, for your business ideas.